High Quality Sound

 Only the highest of quality products are used in creating great sounding amplifiers.  Best quality woods, electronics,  hardware, paints and stains. 

Hand-built Product

 These units are hand built and not mass produced on an assembly line.  Each item is meticulously pieced together with accuracy and precision.

Servicing Available

 Send your amplifier back for servicing. Cleaning and any other concerns can be addressed

1 year warranty

All service and amplifiers come with a 1 year warranty from date of purchase.


"I recommend these amps that Steve builds and restores. After playing in a band with him for the past couple years I have grown to tune in to the crisp tones and dynamic sounds coming from his amps which for a drummer makes it easy to compliment. Definitely recommend @hotwireamplification to beginners and advanced guitarists."

Andrew Comchi, Drummer


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Matt Allen, Guitarist