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Hotwire Amplificiation

Owner: Steve Powell

Stettler, Alberta, Canada


Phone: 403-741-4560

Hotwire Amplification is based in Stettler, a small town in Central Alberta, Canada. I'm a one man band working from home.


 My woodshop is in the yard is where all the cabinets are made.  I don’t use cnc machines, it's all done by hand with basic wood tools and jigs. I make all my own finger joints and baffles. 


The wiring is done in house. I have a small room where I do the assembly and wiring. It all started, as a guitar player and got into this just tinkering with my own gear. Being far away from any repair shops, I learned to service my own equipment. As I progressed, I started working on friends gear and started restoring vintage amplifiers as the years went on.


I got into building vintage amplifiers from a collector friend who commissioned me to build a tweed pro after servicing many amps in his collection.  Through word of mouth it has grown from there. 


My focus is to build a good quality & reliable amps that will last a lifetime like the old classic amps. Through my journey in servicing vintage amps, I have found good components that seem to yield consistent results and reliability.   I use these same techniques in many of the builds. 


When it comes to customization, understanding the fundamentals of amplifier operation has allowed me create my own designs while utilizing old engineering techniques. 

In the past, I have worked with clients in choosing components that work for their needs.  However, this means building quality at an affordable rate without affecting the craftsmanship. I have used classic designs and improve performance, tone and reliability.  


I feel lower wattage amps perform the best in multiple applications.  I have found that they are the way to go for today's gigging musician or home player. I have learned that it is important to vintage collectors to ensure provenance by returning owners original parts when performing restorations.  This not only protects their investment but the authenticity.


Are you ready to define vintage sound?

Steve Powell & Clayton Bellamy

Steve Powell (owner) with Clayton Belllamy of the Road Hammers.  Delivering his custom Plexi.

Steve Powell - Hotwire Amplification - Guitar Show 2019

Sept 2019. Edmonton Guitar Show. Special Thanks to Gilmore Guitars, Red Deer, AB. 

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