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Hotwire 6V6 Studio 12

Studio 12

2- 6v6 power tubes

2- 12ax7 preamp tubes gz34 rectifier.

Full tonestack volume mid treble bass.

Hammond power and output transformers.

Hand wired on eyelet board.

Half power switch and master volume in the rear.

Carbon film resistors

Mallory 150 tone caps

modern high temp pvc coated wire

High quality bakelite tube sockets

alpha pots and Carling switches


Cab is solid pine finger jointed

covering of choice 

Baltic birch baffle and rear panels

12 inch Eminence Legend speaker.




The stock studio 12 comes stock with no master volume so if you are custom ordering one and want a master volume we can put it out front with the other controls when we design the faceplate. The studio 12 is a fantastic home or studio amplifier also good for practice or small gigs. The amp stays clean nearly all the way to around 7.5 or 8 on the dial before breaking up. This makes it good for jamming in smaller rooms and maintaining a clean sound with a drummer form a 12 watt low wattage amp. The studio 12 is a fantastic pedal platform single channel amp. The clean tone is excellent on it's own but takes pedals with no problem. Overdriven sounds good through the amp the 12 inch speaker holds it together for a big sound through a little amp. This is a great amp that covers alot of styles from country to rock. It has bias vary tremolo built in which works off the power tubes for a great classic tremolo effect. The amp will come with a hand built foot switch built into a small Hammond enclosure.


Refer to audio demo. Audio was recorded through a clean loop using a jam man looper and neck humbucker. The lead tone was played over top the loop in real time with a bridge humbucker using a zinky true grit overdrive pedal for lead tone.

Hotwire 6V6 Studio 12

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