The tolex arrived for my new brownie design so it's now wrapped in it's new clothes. I went with vox white and Fender black grill cloth. I think it looks pretty good other than white may be a tough colour to keep clean. I can run it open or closed back it has a partition to separate the amp from the speaker cavity for a true closed back set up. I'm bouncing between a WGS green beret and Celestion G12 herritage but I tried v30 and WGS reaper which all sound great. I did try American voiced speakers but I do like the Celestions better with this. When I voiced this amp I had a JJ tube set installed for sacrificial tubes and installed a good new Mullard tube set. After tuning and playing the amp it just wasnt quite the same. I re installed those JJ and boom there was the sound I was looking for so kinda crazy it sounds better with the JJ. I got advise from a previous comment where to find reliable JJ power tubes since I have real bad luck. I had a new quad of JJ 6v6 and like usual one of the 3 was microphonic so I'll be contacting the vendor but that's usually my JJ experience which is a shame since I really like there 6v6 and when you get a good set there reliable and sound great. I'll play this more to decide what the best all round speaker will be but I'm so happy with new design and I'm pretty positive it could hang with the best of them far as tone goes.

2021 Hotwire Special Brownie 6V6